The SR-3M, or the SR-3M Vikhr, is an Assault Rifle purchasable in the shop for 530 cash.


Magazine Size: 30

Reserve Ammo Size: 150 (max 450)

Firing Rate: About 10 rounds per second

Damage Rates: 13-15 rounds for normal, 10 for sprinters, 20 for armored

Recoil: Small at first, but gets larger after ~10 rounds

Accuracy: Very accurate, both hip firing and ADS

Sights: Clean but slightly off center

Reload Speed: ~2 seconds, 3 if empty magazine

Description: The SR-3 "Vikhr" ("Whirlwind") compact assault rifle was developed in TSNIITOCHMASH by A. Borisov and V. Levchenko during early 1990s. Initially known as "MA" (Malogabaritnyj Avtomat = small-size assault rifle), it was based on the silenced 9 mm AS "Val" assault rifle, and intended for concealed carry by special VIP protection teams and State security operatives.


  • Fires very fast
  • Very accurate


  • Weak
  • Small magazine to run firing rate through
  • Somewhat expensive

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