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The SVU-AS, or DSvu-AS, is a sniper rifle purchasable in the shop for 285 cash. It is the cheapest sniper rifle in the shop. -no description yet-

The SVU-AS is fully semi-automatic. It deals enough damage to kill a normal zombie in 4 shots. A sprinter will take 2-3 shots before dying. However, an armored zombie can withstand 7-8 rounds.

It has a magazine size of 12, with 150 reserve ammo. It can hold up to 462 rounds (with large ammo box). Its ADS and hip firing accuracy are both spot on.

Being a sniper, the SVU has a scope as a sight, and a black outline around it when scoping. Sights are very clean.

The SVU-AS reloads in 2 seconds, 3 if you used up the entire clip. There is a medium/high level of recoil on this gun.


  • Cheapest Sniper Rifle in Shop
  • Very high accuracy (both ADS and hip firing)
  • Fully semi-automatic
  • Lots of reserve ammo


  • Absolutely terrible damage
  • Tiny clip to support damage and firing rate
  • Medium/high levels of recoil

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