The School is a location in-game. The other locations can be found on the Map page.


The school is a major location in the game, as it is home to the one and only Bloxiade machine.

The school is a somewhat safe location. Although there are many entrances, there are also many classrooms to hide in. However, the school can be very unnerving to some, with the flashing lights and blood decals.

It is a difficult place to fortify and protect, due to the fact that there are many large windows that zombies from Fort Lazarius can sneak in and get you while you sleep.


Computer Lab - One of the classrooms is a computer lab with exactly six computers and a busted window. Maybe one of these computers still work...

Art Room - Upstairs in the School, there is a room with a single easel. One this easel lies a horrifying image.

Classrooms 1 & 2 - These rooms are the closest to the main doors, and house several desks. Since they're classrooms, they also have whiteboards, which may have some spooky decals.

Overturned Classroom - This classroom is on the second floor, and has an overturned desk in front of the door that warns you to turn back.

Staff Room - The room next to the stairs on the first floor has a large table, which appears to be used for discussion between the school staff.

Broom Closet - There is a tiny room under the stairs with a broom. That is the broom closet.


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