Shaea is back! A normal player of Stranded on Earth, he can be seen using the AK with GL, AWP and other assorted weapons. He has VIP, but no PoP commands, and he plays the game like any other person would. He can be seen wearing different costumes, like a desert sniper, an urban soldier, or a biker (the main one). He tries to help out other players who are poorer than him, and can sometimes be seen making elaborate bases for other people. Sometimes when he's with Admins and Community managers, he likes to play around with the noobs. He's already met GondwanaRobonack,  AntiXemnas, and YELLOWPIKACHU1.

He's waiting to edit this article for when the new gun scripting and map are released.

His Wikia account is HTClassics, and his ROBLOX account can be found here.

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