Are you new to the game, and have no idea what gun you should buy? Well then YOU'RE A NOOB! But it's this wiki's job to make you not a noob. Here is a brief introduction to Shotguns

What are Shotguns?

Shotguns are a category of guns purchasable in the shop under the section of the same name.

Shotguns have zero focus on accuracy. NONE. Instead, shotguns choose to release multiple bullets at once. Their accuracy isn't anything to be proud of, but it doesn't matter if you kill no matter where you aim!

Each bullet of a shotgun doesn't deal much damage, but in all, shotguns are able to do TONS of damage per shot. Since the remaking of all shotguns, shotguns fire considerably faster than the slow pump-action before- now, they're almost semi-automatic!

Reloading with a shotgun is a true pain in the neck. Unlike other types of guns, many shotguns require you to insert one shell after another, making reloading take agonizing amounts of time (depending on how many shots you've used already.) Also, at the end, if you wasted all your ammo, you take even more time to cock the gun.

Most shotguns have a modest draw time and walkspeed decrease, and usually have plenty of clip to support their relatively slow fire rate.

From close range, shotguns OBLITERATE all opposition. Less can be said about their long-range capabilities, however. Shotguns are usually semi-automatic but can sometimes be automatic, like the AA-12.

Multiple shotguns can be Pack-a-Punched.

How do I use these?

Shotguns are best used at close range, with enough ammo to last you for a while. Since they have like no accuracy, they're best for killing groups of zombies, or dealing lots of damage to a single zombie up close and personal.

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