Sniperquad97 , or 'Sniper', is a Wikia Editor and player of Stranded on Earth: The First Strike. He is probably know for his above average amount of cash and can be seen holding a AWP, PP-19, or VIP AK, and is always open to help new people.

His clothes are now a Purple jacket, Blue Adidas shoes w/ black pants, Libra (Zodiac) neclace, and Koala hat w/ green cap under

Note: I think I'm getting it more because of the .31415 but, I am not a hacker, I do not use cheats or anything dumb like that, I do not have the time nor effort to do that. I just no-life the game (play constantly), I don't hide from that part. (ALSO robo gave me the .31415, it has no value whatsoever, that's why I got it. You most likely will not receive money from admins°)

° = Unless it's robo because he throws money out willy-nilly n' stuff

I have special gun, check it out here:

Roblox stuff:



Gir clothes


Yey Tag

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