This is my "Idea dump" where I will put my PaP Ideas and other interesting stuff

PaP Strikers

PaPStriker 1

Very color much wow

  • Damage increase
  • Double Mag size and reserve
  • Quick reload (Drum Mag)
  • Green dot sight
  • Extra damage to Crimson Spawns and Patient Zero
  • Neon Green Flashlight
  • Crimson and Teal coloring


You can find these across the map and are used to make buildables

Materials are saved in a GUI and don't take up space in your inventory c:

Possible places for materials:

  • Abandoned base (Tents): Cloth and Ammunition
  • Abandoned base (Cliff): Planks, wire, and Ammunition
  • Mansion/Mansion "workshop": Metal pieces and Planks
  • Hotel: Metal Pieces and Planks
  • Cave: Light bulbs and Planks
  • School: Planks, Cloth, and Light bulbs

They respawn after a certain amount of time

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