Sniperquad97's Special gun!

Equipped with...

  • Stabilizer (even though it has no bipod)
  • Snipper Wiffle

    Newest change

    Visible bolt (idea taken from AWP)
  • Bootyful scope
  • Neon blue/turquoise flashlight
  • Muzzle brake
  • Overall colorfulness


  • Magazine size: 5
  • Reserve ammo: 30 default, 60 green box, 90 red box
  • Damage: One shot to chest for all, except patient zero
  • Reload speed: about 2 seconds or less
  • Recoil: Slight (I want it to feel powerful too)
  • AccuracyVery accurate
  • Sights: Scope w/ AWP's crosshairs
  • Rate of fire: Slow in comparison to other weapons, bolt action (same as speed AWP)


  • One shot kill to the chest.
  • Occasional visits to the ammo box.
  • Above average reload (Same as AWP)
  • Fastest bolt-action vs. other Snipers
  • Bullet Penetration (goes thru walls and zombies!)
  • Possibly recoverable from box
  • Neon blue/turquoise flashlight!
  • Awesome sound (same as AWP with possible pew noise)


  • Bolt action (though, this is a pro for me)
  • Balanced (this is pretty much a colorful AWP with a flashlight and bullet penetration)

Here to see it smallerized

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