General Information

The Starlauncher MK1 "Sungun" is a secret Wonder Weapon in Stranded On Earth: The First Strike.

It can only be obtained by completing it's Easter Egg Hunt, the details of which can be found here.

NOTE: Spoiling how to get the weapon will result in a temporary ban as well as your cash reset to 0.



  • Exceptional damage per shot
  • Exceptionally effective flashlight
  • Relatively easy to obtain


  • Very poor range and accuracy
  • Extremely slow reload time
  • Holds only 1 use before a reload
  • It's AoE only affects three zombies, the rest generally go by unscathed


  • The weapon is named Starlauncher MK1 (aka "Sungun") due to how it fires a ball of plasma. The sun, and every other star in the sky, is made up of plasma.
  • It is unique as in it is currently the only weapon obtained without spending cash, but by completing a puzzle.
  • The explosion effect is an Easter egg from one of ROBLOX's Easter events, except flattened and widened. How fitting!
  • Leaking the code anywhere on ROBLOX or the internet and being caught in the act will result in a permanent ban.

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