This site is a wide hub of information for the game, Stranded On Earth: The First Strike on ROBLOX, which is maintained by speedydude900. On this site, you will find information for everything on the game itself, and get a chance to be a part of the community by helping us out and providing suggestions for the game!

Be sure to check out the Game Rules while you're here!



General Suggestions

Weapon Suggestions

Pack-A-Punch Weapon Suggestions

Before you make a weapon suggestion, check the List of Weapons that are already in the game before making that suggestion.

On June 18th, 2014, one day after the Pack a Punch image was added to the game slideshow, over 1000 players started to play.

Most of our suggestions are taken on the Discord now, which you can find below and on the navigation bar.

Important Links 

Disrespectful Players List

Community Trello

Community Discord (Join Code: nZQa3Dz)

Position of Power (PoP) Rank List


Important Pages

All important pages can also be found on the top navigation bar!

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