There are many ways to survive in Stranded on Earth: The First Strike. One of the most important ones is a Base, which is essential for a player to survive. Another very important factor is your Weaponry.

What Defines A Base?

A Base is a place of meeting and living in which you stay in that specific spot to survive alone or in a group. A Base can be built from nothing but Buildables or it can be Points of Interest that were improved to defend yourself better. Here is a Guide on making good bases.

Strategies of Defense: Bases

Add Your Strategy Below

BarakkuOni - "Personally, I would go with the 'cheap and nub-ish solution' to have a good base. I would fortify the Cave with the Pack-A-Punch machine by putting a lot of nets and shredders at the sliding doors so when a zombie trips on a net and falls onto the shredders, the shredders will cause damage to the zombie's chest and thus kill it. Inside, add walls just in case they get in and make them higher so they cant climb over. Have a door to get around it, though. Don't forget your Spotlights to make it so you can actually see in the dark cave. However, do not attempt to keep players out, due to the Pack-A-Punch machine. All players have a right to go in and out of the cave freely to use the machine. Preventing players from using the machine may result in punishment from a PoP."

Freedom5638 - "Since the new December update 2014, Compounds have been added, and you can claim one easily by touching the door as if in a tycoon game. These Compounds are well fortified with peepholes and a large range of view. What I usually do, is to place sandbags up front the doors, and place barbed wires, shredders, nets everywhere infront of the compound, remaking the D-Day war. The zombies will have to run across open ground, since most of the compounds and up on hills and such, and you can easily gun them down whilst they run at you. I strongly recommend the weapons below in the section "Weapons for Optimal Survival." To defend the Compound. Although It may seem indistructable, players can easily get in and out, allowing the Compounds to act as a safe haven for players who just started."

Sniperquad97 - Build 3-5 sandbags in a circle and place canopies in their place. Add another set of sandbags on top of canopies. add light and ammo

SparklesChap - "I'd take over the mansion. Its easy to fortify and is a great foundation for a military-like base. Create a sniper tower on the highest point on the roof. Grab my Eclipse ordeal and snipe zambi's across the map. Its a good strategy because Patient Zero cannot go on towers easily, he most likely will fall off."

Recommended Weapons For Optimal Survival (Italics = DO NOT SPAM)

You can't have a good base without a good gun to protect yourself if it's breached by zombies! Below are some guns that people have recommended for you to use to defend your base from zombies.

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