Toxic Veins is the Pack a Punch version of the SCAR-H. The gun turns from pale tan to an emerald green and red and emits a green light and smoke.


  • Automatic assault rifle
  • ToxicV
    20 bullet magazine (same as original)
  • 120 bullets from small ammo box, 360 from large ammo box (same as original)
  •  2 shots minimum for normal zombie, 4 for armored zombie
  • $2515 (with purchase of normal SCAR-H)


This is not the best Pack a Punch gun to get, no question about it. The increased damage of the gun does not redeem itself, due to the unchanged ammo reserve and magazine.


Toxic Veins emitting smoke and light

Wiki page by ROBLOXian mulch12; editing by HTClassics, ROBLOXian Shaea

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