Hello. I am QueenEsfir, AKA Kaitlynn. I am a Wikia Editor. I'm new to this so I'm going to try to learn as much as I can as fast as I can.

I don't take insults/rude/mean behavior lightly.

I am not someone you want to mess with...

I tend to, when in trouble, rely on friends.

If I'm not playing SoE:TFS, then I'm either playing SFT, or spending valuable time with the people that I love <3

When I join a game, I like to call other players "Little ones" And I have no idea why.

I'm going to be in-game frequently, helping players and keeping an eye out for players that may need to be put on the Disrespectful Players List


Did I mention I like oreos?

Robonack is a pretty cool CM. Sheep can be rude :<

I have a VIP server for the game, if you'd like to be added to it just PM me.

My favorite guns would have to be the: Deagle, AR-15, PTRS-41, and the Death Machine

My "Signature Weapon" Would have to be the Pack-a-Punched M500, The "Electric Shock"


Memorable quotes from people:

"you know you like these coarse hands." - sheep

"Im gonna waste my bullets on you xD" - TheHeroAssasin

Things that happened while wikia editor:

>Got called a no life for having 600k+ points

>Took some GREAT suggestions from the community.

>Resolved 9 fights

>Some secret stuff

>Built some pretty cool bases

>Earned some fans and haters

>ROBLOX Crashed me atleast 10 times in one day

Other random stuff for stalkers:

>>18 years old<<

>>Birthday is May 2nd<<

>>My favorite color is blue<<

>>My favorite number is 7<<

If you need to contact me in a way I will definitely see:

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