Basically stuff that is planned and to be added to Stranded on Earth: The First Strike in the future, there is no set dates for the updates and many will be gradual updates overtime such as the Weapon Updates section. All release dates are tentative unless I, speedydude900, announce an official date and confirm it. I usually put the updates here so I can refer back if I do feel like I forgot something and so robonack can remind me if I dun gooft.

You can also check out the trello page to see what I am planning/working on atm.


Update Overtime(or anything close to that): Basically means that I will gradually remake it overtime(small patches and stuff).

Released: Added into the game.

Added but not released(or anything close to that): It's in the game, but you cannot access it. Chances are it's under testing and only PoP can access them.

Canceled: Planned but delayed or, you know, canceled.

In-progress: Currently being worked on.

Planned: Planned but currently not being worked on.

Fixing: A broken feature that needs to be fixed.

Removed: Was added into the game but removed due to issues(removed stuff could be re-added after it's been fixed).

Project Revival [IN-PROGRESS]

Stuff gets revived, no promises that this will get released.

[Stuff that may or may not be included]

- Reworked weapons

- Menu

- Better introduction



Gas Station

October/November/December Update [PLANNED/IN-PROGRESS/RELEASED]

-Bloat zombies that spawn after Patient Zero dies

-Damage functions overhaul(will happen over the weekend, only P226 and MK2 Frag has this function atm)

-Pathfinding for Patient Zero

-Rework shooting off body parts(currently one zombie has a set value of "part" health that reduces the zombie takes damage. Once that value goes below or to zero then all shots will cause the shot body part to fall off). I don't like that so I'm changing it so that each body part has its own "health".

-Return of zombie horde spawning

-"Blood" puddle effects when shooting zombies [CANCELED/REPLACED BY ZOMBIE RAGDOLL DEATHS W/ BLOOD]

-Purchaseable body armor from the shop(i.e: Safety Vest: has 50 durability and lowers the damage taken from zombies depending on how much durability it has left.) [DONE]

-Eclipse Ordeal buff [PRIORITY]

-Possible Halloween event(might not happen because all my time is being spent atm redesigning Strife! lobby and maps for Halloween + Naval Warfare) [CANCELED]

-Cool effects for Patient Zero

-Anchored ragdoll bodies [DONE]

-Proper flaregun function(shooting it past a certain height will cause it to "float" and illuminate the area below it for ~45 seconds)

-Updates to the Material Changer and Paint Tool(paint tool going to get a batch recolor function and a scroll gui to contain all roblox colors; material changer gona git neon material) [PRIORITY]

-Updates to zombie aggro(zombies will need direct vision on players further than 600 studs away to aggro on them. If the zombie isn't aggro'd on anyone then they wander around w/ basic pathfinding. [PRIORITY]

-Overhaul for buildables where you actually have to build the thing. Will work like those wooden barriers you see in the game where they are just a pile of planks. When the tool for the respective buildable is selected, it shows a transparent "hologram" to show you what it'd look like once it is finished building. After placing it down, players have to click on the pile of building supplies to build it. Zombies can destroy buildables once the buildables is damaged enough and players will be able to repair buildables with the "Breakdown Hammer"(will be renamed to just "Hammer", which will allow you to repair[at some cost of cash] or destroy your own buildables) [PRIORITY]

Hordes/Pack-a-Punch/Wonder Update [IN-PROGRESS]

-1 new weapon(MP40)

-1 new Wonder Weapon(built by robonack).

-Zombie horde spawning

-Following PaP'd weapon gets remade(Might not be accurate)

  1. Devil's Launcher
  2. Devil's SMG
  3. Devil's Handgun
  4. Devil's Automatic
  5. Shadowfire STORM
  6. Electric Shock
  7. Blood Slinger
  8. CBJA7908
  9. Devil's Shotgun
  10. Skullcrusher

May 1st or 2nd Update [RELEASED]

-A huge list of remade weapons.

  1. RPK-74m
  2. MK-46
  3. M240b
  4. M1 Garand
  5. M1 Carbine
  6. Galil
  7. HK416
  8. HK417
  9. SG-553
  10. Walther PPK
  11. L85A2
  12. Lee-Enfield
  13. MAS-49
  14. Probably a few more I forgot about.

-New smoke that comes out from the casing ejection port for the remade weapons(will be adding to all weapons eventually).

-Fix for the Fireproof gamepass. [MIGHT BE DELAYED OR FORGOTTEN]

-Better muzzle smoke for the above-listed weapons(will happen for all guns)

-A new gamepass(cheaper than the VIP).

-M1 Garand gets the cool "ping" sound.

-Updates for Sandbags and Shredder Buildable

Weapon Updates [UPDATE OVERTIME]

-All pistols will have an overall quicker draw time to fit it's role as a sidearm better.

-Pistols will have the quickest reload animations in the whole game(M1911 being the fastest).

-Snipers and MG or any weapons that are bulky will have a walkspeed penalty when remade.

-Better recoil system(less camera flying upwards after a few shots).

-Some weapons will have unique reload animations.

-Pack-a-Punched weapons will have special abilities when remade(double damage against Patient Zero, more walkspeed when health is low, and etc).

-Select fire.

Hellhounds [RELEASED]

Hellhound Idle Animation00:08

Hellhound Idle Animation

Idle animation for hellhounds.

Health: 350

Damage: 10

Walkspeed: 35

Cash per kill: 30-50




Remade Patient Zero [RELEASED]

Health: Scales with server size. (3000 x number of players)

Damage: 20

Walkspeed: 25

Cash per kill: 2000 for the player that kills him and 100 for everyone else in the server.

Abilities(Patient Zero) [RELEASED]

- Cannot fall over so the only way to get him away from you is to use weapons that knocks enemies back by force(shotguns and etc.)!

- Mostly transparent.

Patient Zero leeching health

Patient Zero leeching health from an AI.

- Can leech health from players to heal. If you see a black line connected to you, that means he's leeching your health.(His walkspeed is lowered to 6 while leeching and players can use the black line to find his location. Players who are being leeched of their health will have their walkspeed reduced down to 10, which will allow other zombies to catch up!)

Patient Zero's teleport00:08

Patient Zero's teleport

Teleporting ability.(no audio)

- Can teleport to ANY player's location.(Leaves a smoke trail for a short duration after teleporting and players will hear a sound play once he has teleported.)

Patient Zero in Munitio14:01

Patient Zero in Munitio

Footage of the new Patient Zero in action at Munitio.

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