The Vortex Cave is a major location in-game. The other locations can be found on the Map page.


The Vortex Cave is the most major location in the game, as it's an important feature of the introductory animation when joining the game, and it holds the first Pack A Punch machine.

Sp00ki door

The Vortex Cave is arguably the safest location in the entire map, even without fortifications. You are completely safe from zombies, once you are inside the button controlled sliding doors. Of course, if an idiot leads a horde of zombies in, you really don't have much space to run.

However, there are zombie spawns on either side of the cave, so be sure to watch out when going in. In addition, the entrance to the cave is dark, and inside the cave, there are very little light sources. Be sure to look out for zombies when going in the cave.


  • BELIEVED to be where patient zero was created.
  • There is a note on the desk saying "BEWARE OF ZOMBIES"

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