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The WA 2000 is a Sniper that can be purchased from the shop for 315 cash.

The WA 2000 is semi-automatic (capped), and it is very accurate; even more so when ADS. The gun has the traditional sniper scope.

It reloads in 2-3 seconds or 3-4 if there's an empty magazine.

It has a magazine size of 6, and a reserve ammo size of 30. The maximum amount of ammo this gun can hold is 96 (magazine + 90 reserve from large ammo box).

It can kill a normal zombie in 2 shots, an armored zombie in 4 shots, and a sprinter in 1 shot. However, there is quite a bit of recoil from every shot. Interestingly, as opposed to other guns, there is more recoil on the WA 2000 when ADS as opposed to when you're hip-firing.

Description: This rare and beautiful rifle is more than just a swift harbinger of death. It's also a work of art.


  • Relatively powerful
  • Very accurate
  • Semi-automatic


  • More recoil when ADS
  • Not much ammo to support damage rates

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