General Information

Wikia Admins are Wikia Editors who have obtained the rank of Admin on the wikia, and in rare cases, administrator powers in the game. In short, Wikia Admins are geared towards maintaining more key components, making necessary edits that regular editors cannot, etc.

The only way to become a Wikia Admin is to first be a Wikia Editor, then be promoted when you have proven your full worth. In essence, Wikia Admins are honorary Wikia Editors.

List of Wikia Admins


  1. Don't abuse your administrative power on the wikia. It's a privilege, not a right.
  2. If you have admin commands in-game, you must follow the same rules as any other admin.
  3. When acting as a moderator within the game, be absolutely certain that you're following proper procedures. (i.e. Warnings, screenshots for reports, etc.)


  • Not all Wikia Admins will have administrator commands or an administrator GUI, those are reserved for the most distinguished and trustworthy, which puts them in a class of their own.