Are you familiar to the game with plenty of time under your belt, and already own plenty of shotguns and snipers? Well then you're pretty good! But it's this wiki's job to make you better than good. Here is a brief introduction to Wonder Weapons.

What are Wonder Weapons?

Wonder Weapons are guns that a nub can only hope to achieve. These are top-of-the-line guns that are only for the rich 31337.

All wonder weapons cost at least one thousand cash, except for the Sungun and Raygun (but those are special exceptions).

Wonder Weapons have superior fire rates, damage rates, etc. in general overall superiority to regular weapons. There are currently 7 Wonder Weapons in the game: Hades' Touch, the XRY-17 Railgun, the Death Machine, the Thundergun, Death's Flames, the previously mentioned Sungun and the (also previously mentioned) Raygun.

All of the Wonder Weapons have different attributes (although some are really, really similar.), making it easy to differentiate between each one. However hard you may try, there are no words to describe them as a whole, except for one- OP.

How do I use these?

That is, if you can get your hands on one. Wonder Weapons often have a particular set of situations in which they excel in because of their unique attributes.

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