yelsew's character in ROBLOX

Herro der! I am Yelsewikia, also known as yelsew (WITH NO CAPS) or yelsew352 (STILL WITH NO CAPS). I am just here editing this wikia cause I like to be helpful. And I have a lot of freetime. I don't really have any other things to do, so I just occasionally visit the game and edit the wikia. I am just a random person thinking, "UHHH! I HAS TO DO SOMETING!" So I chose this. And it's fun and easy. ONE OTHER THING! If you see me ingame, please don't spam/hate/love me. I don't need any of dat.

To sum it up, Herro der! I am Yelsewikia/yelsew/yelsew352. I like editing this wikia cause I like to be helpful. If you see me ingame, don't spam/hate/love me.

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