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Zombie Statistics and Descriptions


An example of a normal zombie's strength in numbers

Normal Zombie

These are the most common of zombies as the name probably suggests. They have an appearance like the stereotypical classic ROBLOX zombie with green skin on the arms and face very similar to the official 'Drool' face made by ROBLOX. The Drool face can also be found in many zombie-themed games throughout Robloxia.

They have a walk speed of about 12 which makes them only slightly slower than the player who has a walk speed of 16. They can usually kill a player in 7 hits if the Health Bar has no time to regenerate, if how ever you are encountered by a horde of these zombies and you don't have the firepower to kill them all, you are basically done for. Turning around and walking away can even be long enough for the zombie to walk up to you and damage you severely even if you are hit and you immediately run in the opposite direction, the zombie basically has the same walk speed as you so he can still hit you a good few times before you are out of his reach.

These zombies can be found all over the map and can more than easily clump together to form hordes which are harder for the player(s) to destroy. At times, even climbing up a high building/tower will not work as these zombies can climb on top of each others heads and stack up almost any wall/barricades a tactic famously used in the 2013 Movie 'World War Z' where a swarm of zombies stack up a wall in Jerusalem. Some times zombies will "hug" each other and fly into the heavens, only to fall down into your base, and if they manage to hug you, well, that will be the end for you.

Armored Zombie

Rarely found zombies, these ones have an appearance similar to that of the Normal Zombie except these ones have armored plating on their elbows and knee caps along with what looks to be a very strong helmet because of all of this armor, these zombies can withstand more damage before being killed by the player(s).

These zombies are never usually found in pairs, if ever and are very rare to be found on their own anyway. They have a walk speed and damage about the same as the Normal Zombie except these ones have more health.

Crimson Night Zombies

For information on Crimson Spawn or Patient Zero, see the page referring to Crimson Night.

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